Wayanad is situated across the western ghats and the place is full of lush green forest and waterfalls not to mention the diversity of species here. The place is the most suited one for thKuruvadweepe nature lovers,

Things to Do in Wayanad


The place is an ideal spot for enjoying the vacations, the place is around the banks of kabani River and its an uninhabited island and its a place where rare species of birds, herbs and orchids exist.

Banasura Sagar Dam

It’s considered to be the largest dam build in India, as well as the second largest in Asia, this id a mini hydro project. The place has ever flowering tress and its the main attraction of the place the place is suitable for trekking and also has boating that gives access to explore the  places deeper.

 Chembra Peak

The chembra peak is located about 2100 meters above sea level. It’s the tallest peak in wayanad and the place is ideal for trekking and the most attractive view is that of the lake on top of the peak.

Edakkal Caves

The place was discovered by the British. The place has Wall painting & carvings that are of new stone age and one can enjoy its beauty while reaching the top of the edakkal caves.

Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary 

An ideal spot for treks in Wayanad. Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary has a diversity of animal species like Asian elephants, gaurs, leopard e.t.c

Pookot Lake

The Pookot freshwater lake is surrounded by lush evergreen forest. The tourist attractions here are the kayaking, pedal boating, rowboating & spices emporium.

Soochipara/Sentinel Waterfalls 

The name is sentinel because of the sharp pikes of granite at the base. The waterfall has a pool at the base where one can take a dip in to enjoy the cold water.

Meenmutty Waterfalls

The meenmutty waterfalls can be accessed after a 2km trek inside the forest and its one of the largest waterfalls in wayanad the main attraction is that the water falls from a height of 1000 ft in over three stages thus giving a triple decker effect.


Pakshipathalam is located at the northern end and its a natural rock cave that accommodates a large diversity of bird species. The place can become accessed by a 7km trek from thirunelly through a deep jungle.

Pazhassi’s Tomb

The memorial of veera Pazhassi’s raja, Also known as the lion of kerala, Who organised a guerilla warfare against the British East India company.