Varkala is a beautiful costal town of trivandrum District, it is covered by palm & coconut tress and is a place worth visiting to once in a lifetime. Varkala is mainly known for its beaches adjacent to cliffs.


Things to Do in Varkala

Chilakoor Beach

Chilakoor beach is a half an hour drive from Varkala, The place is known for its sunsets that can leave you mesmerised. A drive through the costal villages would give one a  relaxing feel. The borders of the place are formed by beautiful casuarina trees which adds up to the beauty of the beach .

Kappil Beach

Kappil beach is situated 7km away from Varkala the place is a natural blend of sea and backwaters. People come here just to enjoy the scenic view and to spend time on boating which assures one a delightful experience. The place also has a trek point nearby known as kodi hills that assures such beautiful views on top.

Varkala Cliff

The place is situated about 10km away from the city of Varkala and it is a beach that is surrounded by red cliffs and it offers the people a perfect way to enjoy the beauty of the sea & there sunset.

Varkala Lighthouse

Varkala lighthouse was build around the 18th century by the British rulers. The lighthouse is known for the way it was build as the construction is still fine with a provincial designs.

Anjengo Fort

The place is also known as Anchuthengu Fort it acted as the first signalling station for ships in the British Times and the Fort was built around 1696 by the British .


The place is in octagonal shape and the temple is one of the holiest sites in kerala.The place has a different way of rituals that is different from all the other religious places, The devotees are encouraged to pray in their own way be it mantras or chanting, and this is done here instead of making offerings.

Thiruvambadi Beach

The place is a common weekend place where people come to relax after a stressful week. The beach has calm tides & peacefulness that help one to rejuvenate the mind and the locals here to are very much friendly.


The place is also known as the golden island and it is situated admist the anjengo lake and the island consists of a temple that is 100 years old.

Varkala Aquarium 

The spot is ideal if you’re travelling with kids the place is one of the best ways for kids to know more about the aquatic life in the backwaters and the sea.

Water Activities

There are para sailing and para gliding activities at the Varkala beach and its the most preferred ones amongst the tourists.