The name is said to be derived from two words THODU (meaning rivulet) and PUZHA (meaning river). There is a belief that says the stream developed into a river and the town on this river banks got named as Thodupuzha.  Also it has the meaning of place touching the river.  Thodupuzha is strategically placed as a gateway to the highranges of Kerala, hence this place is one of the known tourist destination as well.


Things to Do in Thoupuzha

Anayadikuthu Waterfalls

This waterfall is located approximately 20KMS from Thodupuzha. During Monsoon, this waterfall looks beautiful and people use to call this as Micro version of Athirappilly waterfalls. The most interesting fact of this waterfall is that this is suitable even for kids to take a dip in the water. One must stand below the waterfall and feel the water force which cannot be explained through words. A great place to have fun with friends and family.

Kottapara Hill

Kottapara hill station is famous for its view point (the hill peak). Best time to visit will be between 5.30 to 7 Am in order to watch the cloudy sun rise. It is one of the promising destinations in Idukki district and an arising trekking destination as well. Its panoramic view of hill is breath taking.

Kaatadi Kadavu

Another trekking destination – Kaatadi Kadavu. Has a view point and scenic surroundings.  This is the perfect destination for Nature and adventure lovers. From Idukki, Kaatadi kadavu can be reached within 1 to 2 hours time. Kattadikadavu viewpoint is about a 1-2 km journey from the main road, and there are few small shops on the opposite side – facing towards the starting point of the off-road trail. The main road to Kattadikadaviu can be accessed by foot only.


The word means “The Pond of Flowers where leaves do not fall” this is located 55KM from Kottayam and is 20KM from Thodupuzha. Since there were no trees around the bund, it was always free of leaves and so it was called Ila-veezha-poonchira. Some say that the name comes from the fact that it is always windy at the place and hence the leaves are carried away.

Illikkal Kallu

The name itself explains:- a large single upright block of stone especially one shaped into a pillar or a Monument. This is one of the most prominent sights from any part of Kottayam. Recently because of the road development, this place is seeing a huge rush of visitors. This stone is situated about 3500 feet above the sea level. The view will be a memory that you can cherish for ever as you move towards the base of the stone.

Malankara Reservoir

This is a Dam constructed across Muvattupuzha for irrigation purposes. There is an artificial lake which covers an area of 11KM. It is perfect gateway to spend a day with nature.  This place is famous for idle boat ride and fishing as well.

Pambanal Waterfalls

Pambanal Waterfall’s is situated in the heart of pala city, kottayam, kerala, india. one of the famous tourist desitination in kottayam. Pampanal waterfall is one among these challenging, adventurous spot which is a magnet for tourists in the rainy season.

Muniyara Cave

It is believed that ancient saints used to mediate in this cave which is made up of huge rocky planks or slabs. a must vist for those who are interested in the origin of mankind. This is made by prehistoric humans, who lived in these parts. spend some solititude, imagine the people there millions of years ago, and you will feel a sense of smallness in this big wide world. a must visit, if not for the dolmens then for the view.

Thommankuthu Waterfalls

Thommankuthu, 28 kms from Thodupuzha is famous for its numerous waterfalls. The place is ideal for nature lovers. To enjoy the panoramic beauty the best way is to undertake a trek that takes one to the top of the mountain, a nearly 12 kms climb.

Uravappara view point

Uravappara view point is a beautiful destination located near Uravappara Sree Subramanya Temple, Olamattom Thodupuzha. It is 500 meters abouve sea leavel and offers a beautiful panoramic view of Thodupuzha town.