Kasol is known as popularly known as Mini Israel due to the intensity of Israeli Tourists visiting this place. Kasol is situated in the banks of Parvathi river and overlooks the famous Parvathy Valley.  Manikaran, famous for its hot spring is located at around 4 Km from Kasol. The trek to Grahan village and Rashol village starts from Kasol. These two villages are less occupied by tourists and only a few tourists can be spotted. If you are looking for some lonely time at Parvathy Valley, Rasol will be the best option. Grahan is also a calm and quiet village with very few stay options.


Things to Do in Kasol

Chalal Village

Chalal is a beautiful small village near to Kasol. Chalal is a beautiful place where one can spend some time in solitude.  There are a lot of budget stays and food options in Chalal. The behavior of local villagers here is also very nice.  Chalal is also a good option for camping. You can lose yourself here due to the serenity that the place offer which makes it a good option in case the crowd in Kasol makes you uncomfortable.

Trek to Rashol

If you are looking for some hard treks, we would suggest you to push yourself for the Rashol trek. Rashol is a village which overlooks the Paravati Valley and it is a continuous 4 hours of steep climbing. Make sure that you don’t carry too much of luggage with you. The place is very calm and the air here is so clean and rejuvenating.  Rasol mela which is usually held in the month of September is the most prominent festival in the area. People from other far districts reach Rasol to attend this festival.

Trek to Grahan Village

Grahan is another beautiful village neat to Kasol. It’s around 6-8 Km from the Kasol. The trail starts from Kasol bridge and within 3 Km you can Grahan stream towards your left. There are a few climbs on the way but the trek is easy compared to other Rasol. It will take around 2-3 hours to reach Grahan.  There are a few wooden home stays available in Grahan.


Manikaran is a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. Just around 3 to 4 Km from Kasol, this place is famous for its natural hot springs. People usually carry rice and soak it to the hot spring which is so hot that it gets cooked in around 20 minutes!

Riverside Camping

Kasol do offer a few river side camping options. You can see the riverside camps before reaching the main town of Kasol.


Around 20 Km from Kasol lies the mysterious Tosh valley which is a very calm and silent place compared to hustle and bustle of Kasol.  Tosh can be reached by bus till Barshaini, from where you can either hire a taxi or you can walk uphill.  Now, if you are planning to pitch a tent you can hike all the way to  Kutla Village where you can find nice meadows and open grass to pitch your tent. Kutla is a village where you can hardly spot any toursits.


One of the most famous treks near Kasol, Kheerganga is 4-5 hours trek which offers a wonderful experience. Its relatively easy trek and with more commercialization there are a lot of shops and camping options available near Kheerganga now a days.


Kalga is yet another small village in Parvathi Valley,  which is known for its solitude and alpine beauty. This village is completely different from other villages of the valley , as we can find a lot of wooden houses which are abandoned.  There are a few guesthouses in this place but you cannot expect any sort of luxury here. It’s a place for solitude lovers and not for action packed people.  A short trek from Barshaini will take you to Kalga.

Kasol Market

Well, we are talking about one of the best markets in Kullu region. This market has a wide variety of commodities available and the most significant being products made of hemp!

Israeli Cuisine 

Kasol is popularly known as Mini Israel and there are so many Israeli cuisines. Do try the flavor of Israel.