Hampi is a village in Northern Karnataka, famous for its ruined temples which were from the Vijayanagara Empire.  Vijayanagara is considered to be the richest empire in India during its time and they were very advanced in terms of their architecture. There are so many temple complexes in the area. It is also a paradise for rock climbers. Hampi is an isolated lonely planet which is extremely hot during the summers. There are overnight buses to Hampi from Bangalore. You can find transits to Hampi via Chitradurga.


Things to do in Hampi

Vijaya Vittala Temple – The Chariot Temple

Located at the North Eastern part of Hampi lies the ancient temple of Vijay Vittala which is known for its craftsmanship.  The musical pillars and the stone chariot are the two major attractions of this temple. Yes you read it right, there are pillars that gives resonates sound if you hit them at the right place and each pillar will produce a different sound.

Visit Hippie Island

Previously known as Kishkinda, Anegundi is a place which gives you a time travel feeling. Anegundi is accessible through road from Gangavati or you can take a boat to cross Tungabadra River to reach here. Popularly known as Hippie island,  Anegundi is a must visit if you are planning for Hampi.

Matanga Hill View Point

Matanga Hill view point gives a beautiful 360 degree view of Hampi.  The place is also famous for the kind of view it offers during sunrise and sunset. On top of the Hill is the famous Veerabhadra temple.

Hanuman Temple

Also known as the Monkey temple, this place is believed to be the birth place of Lord Hanuman. It is located in Anegundi village. The view from the top of the temple is breathtaking as you’ll be able to see a lot of paddy farms and ruins of Hampi. If you are visiting this temple at evening, make sure you stay till sunset.

Hire a Bicycle and explore 

Instead of hiring an auto, we would suggest this as it is worth every penny. It won’t cost much to hire a moped for a day and that would be the best thing to do as the local transport is very rare. Moreover, Anegundi is a small place with scattered ruins and temples so it would be the best to hire a cycle or moped, and enjoy your ride through the country side.


If you are an adventureholic, do try climbing some boulders in Hampi.  You can find it almost everywhere in Hampi as well as the Hippie Island. Some boulders are harder than it seems to climb and once the climb starts you’ll crave on climbing more. Make sure you have at least a bottle of water with you before you start.

Coracle Riding

Coracle is a round basket-boat the locals in Hampi use to cross river Thungabhadra. A Coracle is made of cane and covered with leather. It is used for over centuries. Coracle ride  across Thungabhadra is very unique and is a must thing to do in Hampi.

Sanapur Lake

Located near Anegundi,  Sanapur lake is one place where you can go and cool off yourself. The water is very clean here and it is refugee from the scorching heat of the place.  You can also meet some local fishermen near the lake.

Virupaksha Temple

Dedicated to lord Shiva, this is one of the oldest temples in Hampi.  The temple has a lot of sub shrines, pillared halls and a large kitchen. Hampi Bazaar is also located near this temple.  The carvings and the center pillared hall known as Ranga Mandapa is a highlight of this temple.

Hemakuta Hill Temple

Located near to Virupaksha temple, this place is a must visit if you’re visiting Hampi. It’ll take around 2 hours to cover up the entire the temple complex. This place offers a splendid top view of Virupaksha temple and is also a very good sunrise/ sunset point.  The major attraction of this place is a huge Ganesha statue with a snake around his stomach.