Almora is a hill station and district located in the state of Uttharakhand which is famous for its Panoramic view of Himalayan Peaks, clusters of famous temples, rich heritage and culture. Almora is a place which is a must visit if you happen to be in Uttarakhand or is planning to visit Uttarakhand. It is a place that can keep your mind calm and tranquil, which is mainly the work of the natural elements present there. Almora can be visited with family, friends and will be a paradise for solo travelers and those who want to meditate in nature.   It is located at around 65 Km from Nainital, 351 Km from Dehradun and 366 Km from Delhi. The nearest railway
station is Kathgodam railway station, which is around 80 KM from Almora. It is well connected by road with a decent number of state transport buses from all major cities and towns.


Things to Do in Almora


Ranikhet is a hill station in Almora district which shows you what natural beauty really means. It’s an ideal location for family, couples and solo travelers who are seeking for some pristine nature time. Ranikhet literally means the Land of Queen and it is indeed a Queen among hill stations especially due to the breathtaking view of Nanda Devi Peak. It also has a few trek trails, temples, nature walks and fishing.

 Zero Point

Zero Point is one of the most popular and must visit place if you happen to visit Almora. It is located in Binsar wild life sanctuary, far away from the hustle and bustle of human chores, which makes it a perfect spot for nature lovers. There is a tower in this point from where you can see the peaks of Nanda Devi and Kedarnath.

Katarmal Sun Temple

It is the most important Sun Temple in India after Konark Sun Temple. Built with elegant architectural insights, this temple stands out from other temples in the region. Moreover, this is the only Sun Temple in the Kumaon Region. Till Kosi, the roads are well connected and motorable. One has to trek for around 2 KM to reach Katarmal temple. Kosi is located around 13 KM south to Almora.

Dwarahat village

Located at around 70 KM from Almora situates the ‘Way to Heaven’, the literal meaning of Dwarahat in regional language. This village is dotted with numerous temples built in an unique architectural pattern that will definitely take  us to the ancient times. Dwarahat also gives you good view of Himalayan peaks, Nature walks and warm villagers who are very happy to take you through the history of their lands.

Jageshwar Dham

Jageshwar is another famous temple town in Almora, which is located around 35 KM from Almora center. If you love sinking into the ancient architecture and history, you must not miss out visiting this place at least once in a life time. The temples here are surrounded by dense pines which add more elegance to the stunning architecture of these temples. Jageshwar dham can be accessed by motorable roads and there is availability of state transport bus from Almora or other major towns.

Dandeshwar temple

This is one among the temple clusters in Jageshwar Dham. The main deity here is Lord Shiva, the idol being carved out of a single rock. If you happen to visit Jageshwar Dham, never miss out this temple as it is an architectural beauty built in Nagar style amidst dense pines. This temple is located around 2 KM upstream from Dandeshwar Temple complex and it is believed to be the beginning of the sacred area.

Kasar Devi Temple

Located at around 8 KM from Almora, this is an ancient temple dedicated to the local goddess Kasar Devi. It is said that Swami Vivekananda used to visit here often to meditate. Covered by dense pine trees, this temple is in a hill top which gives a very calm and serene feeling which is ideal for meditation and short treks. It gives a panoramic view of Almora, Hawabagh Valley and many other Himalayan peaks. Crank’s ridge popularly known for its hippie history is also located near to Kasar Devi Temple. A lot of famous people like Thimothy Leary and Bob Dylan has spent a good time meditating in these hills and is said to have influenced their lives in a very positive way.

Bright End Corner

A very picturesque spot, almost 2 Km from Almora town is the right place for one to enjoy some breath taking view of the Himalayan peaks. This place is famous for sunset, which gives a spectacular view of the rising moon and sinking sun in a sky painted with orange and red. The tranquility of this place makes it an ideal spot for meditation.

Dunagiri Temple

Dunagiri temple is considered as the most important Shakti temple of all the Durga temples in Almora. It is located at a distance of 14 Km from Dwarahat and 72 KM from Almora. Being in ‘Vaishnavi’ form, no sort of sacrifice is allowed inside this temple. Located at the top of a mountain, around 2400 meter from sea level, this temple is said to be the ancient  ‘Shaktipeeth’ temple of all the Shaktipeeth temples in Kumaon.

Lakhudiyar Cave

Lakhudiyar cave is located in  Barechhina village , which is located around 15 KM from Almora  center. People who love archeology will definitely love this place as the caves are full of primitive paintings mainly of humans and animals.